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  • Administrator, Michele Frontera, RN, BSN
  • Clinical Director, Karen Primozic, RN
  • Business Office Manager, Marion Axel


  • Prosper Abitbol, MD
  • Matthew Bromer, DO
  • Lianne Cavell, MD
  • James Chong, MD
  • Hillel Cohen, MD
  • Mark Dosch, MD
  • Sherry Ellis, MD
  • Barry Gach, MD
  • Edward Horvath, MD
  • Jonathan Kaplan, MD
  • Marisa Kesselman, MD
  • Ronald Levy, MD
  • Augusto Lopez-Torres, MD
  • Daniel McGuire, MD
  • Richard Milgrim, MD
  • Morris Naus, MD
  • Sohail Shaikh, MD
  • Nirmala Shanmugam, MD
  • Joshua Stern, MD
  • Anthony Strippoli, MD
  • Bradley Towbin, MD
  • Michael Urban, MD

Pain Management

  • Sami Dagher, MD
  • Jonathon Kamerlink, MD
  • Somnath Nair, MD